Security Solutions Help Protect Your Business from Intrusion, Theft and Accidents

With every downturn in the economy comes a corresponding increase in employee theft and burglary that sends businesses of all sizes and industries looking to install or enhance their security system.

Finding and selecting the right combination of equipment is more than just hanging a video camera or installing an intrusion alarm.

When the professionals from LMI work with your businesses to identify your objectives and establish the boundaries you need protected they can help recommend, configure and install an integrated security system that is tailored to your requirements and far more robust than any off-the-shelf solution some firms might attempt to procure as a short cut.

Today’s access control systems may incorporate a combination of three distinct identifiers to maximize security:

  • Something you have – Typical access control systems are operated with a card key or key fob.
  • Something you know – Sometimes an additional layer of security is added by requiring users to also enter a password or user ID.
  • Something you are – Increasingly businesses are interested in systems that employ biometrics, something that is truly unique to the individual to control access, like a finger or palm print or a retina scan.

Properly installed video surveillance and CCTV can do much more than keep unsavory individuals at bay. Appropriately placed cameras can help protect inventory from sticky –fingered staff, monitor public venues and arenas for inappropriate activity and document events in publicly accessible areas to help negate petitions for slip and fall accidents.

Monitored burglary alarm systems can do much more than call the police. With integrated system an intrusion can trigger a camera to capture an image or redirect surveillance to an indicated area of concern.

LMI also installs alarms that can be used not just to report a crime but also to solicit assistance for an injured or disabled occupant. These include wall-installed pull stations or pendant-style wireless alert systems for individual residents as well as complete nurse and emergency response systems for hospitals, nursing homes or senior living centers.


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