Electrical Installation, Service and Repairs for Atlanta Businesses

LMI picks up where Georgia Power drops off: taking power from the point the service feed is provisioned at the street and delivering it throughout your building based on your requirements.

Accurate delivery of power and proper installation of outlets, switches and lights is key to meeting the building owner’s or tenant’s expectation for the space.

As a general contractor (GC), you may specify the precise location and description of each outlet and lighting source or you may entrust us with a more general guideline. Regardless, your request will receive the same level of attention from our project management team including a highly detailed, line-item proposal and complete scope of work.

The extra time it takes us to deliver our proposals helps keep everyone accountable to our bid and protects you from hidden costs and unforeseen change orders down the road. It also makes it easier for us to help you identify opportunities for adjustment when value engineering (VE) principles are required to solidify a deal.

Continue to count on LMI for repairs, moves/adds/changes (MAC) and all of your electrical servicing needs after you take occupancy of the building. When you take advantage of our low service agreement rates, we’ll work as a team to help ensure things operate efficiently and that service calls are easy to place and promptly attended.


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