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SONYSony develops and produces an extensive range of professional and business solutions ranging from switches and routers to industrial and commercial cameras and recorders. In the area of video security and surveillance, Sony Electronics' Security Systems Division offers a full line of IPELA® IP cameras, hybrid cameras, analog cameras, network surveillance recorders, intelligent monitoring software, monitors and accessories.

Sony's core technologies, including advanced image sensors, power its IP-based security and surveillance products, providing superb image quality, exceptional resolution and powerful video analytics at the hardware level.

DEPA™ Advanced (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) Technology
Processing image data at both the camera level and the recording and monitoring levels, this embedded technology enhances image analytics, detection and recognition.

This integrated signal processing system is the first technology that delivers full-motion, high definition video with 130dB wide dynamic range.

View-DR™ Technology
View-DR nearly doubles the light sensitivity of conventional technologies, capturing objects clearly—even under very challenging lighting conditions.

Visibility Enhancer (VE)
Ideal for scenes where objects are hard to recognize, this technology optimizes the brightness and color reproduction of images to make scenes more visible.

XDNR™ (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) Technology
XDNR reduces noise and provides clear images of moving and still objects in low-light conditions, minimizing motion blur.

Sony is also a very proactive partner with its vendors, collaborating with partners such as LMI to design and customize high-quality, thoughtfully targeted solutions for the end customer. For more information, visit



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