EnvysionEnvysion was founded on the concept that businesses could operate more effectively if they had better visibility into activities at their locations. The company's goal was to create a business intelligence platform that integrated with, yet expanded the function of, traditional video surveillance. Today, for industries ranging from food service and hospitality to retail and convenience stores, Envysion provides video-driven business intelligenceTM that reduces loss and significantly increases profitability.

Envysion Video: Envysion's award-winning Managed-Video-as-a-Service (MVaaS) platform that combines patented, live-streaming and recorded video (with optional audio) with specialized features such as motion-only recording, powerful video search (including motion-only search), multiple view, digital zoom, multi-channel audio support and more.

Envysion In Store

Envysion Insight: Envysion Insight marries point of sale (POS) data with Envysion Video, enabling management (and any authorized individual) to view and listen to daily sales, marketing, operations and loss-prevention activities―and also review and evaluate the data that relates to them.

Envysion Analytics: Envysion recently partnered with Sony Electronics and LightHaus, Inc., to develop Envysion Analytics, which harnesses the power of Big Data to provide even more insight into customer-based operations. The first release, Envysion People Counting Analytics, analyzes video information in tandem with POS and other data. With this add-on, companies not only learn how many people entered a store and what percentage of those purchased something, but also see how these purchases correlated with promotions, time of day, staffing and more.

Envysion Audit Services: Envysion also offers audit services that perform the evaluation and analytics for client companies, minimizing resource drain and training expense for any operation.



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