Dell SonicWALLWith Dell™ SonicWALL™ security solutions, organizations of all sizes enjoy the protection of intelligent, highly adaptive Next-Generation Firewalls. SonicWALL devices have long been praised—and prized—for their ability to secure networks, systems, users and data with a deep level of protection that does not hinder network performance or company productivity. Whether wired or wireless, networks protected by SonicWALL run the gamut from large-scale government and healthcare deployments to individual retail, restaurant and other point-of-sale implementations.

SonicWALL ApplianceIn today's environment, "cyber" has become an acronym for "danger." Dell SonicWALL's intelligent and highly adaptive security systems provide granular, best-of-breed security yet have the flexibility to scale without compromise to meet the needs of growing and distributed enterprise networks. For companies requiring Unified Threat Management firewalls, Dell SonicWALL security appliances can also be deployed for this purpose.



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