CiscoCisco, long a leader at developing transformative networking technologies, today provides the networking infrastructure for many of the world's largest organizations—including entities for whom network reliability and security is mission critical. From integrated services routers—sophisticated network routers that deliver voice, video, data and Internet access, wireless and other applications—firewalls that secure the network for an entire corporate campus—Cisco's solutions are highly secure, flexible and built to be compatible with future technologies.

Simplified, centralized management and troubleshooting, versatile, configurable hardware and support for customizable services (via the Cisco Services Ready Engine) and integrated services are hallmarks of Cisco's networking products, with such "luxuries" as on-board digital signal processors (to power business-grade streaming video for surveillance, telepresence and more) available in many models.

Cisco's award-winning quality and reliability are also a primary benefit, of course, along with a track record for propelling:

Cisco Products
  • Higher quality of service (QoS) for data, voice, and video traffic
  • Accelerated productivity
  • Better use of network resources
  • Faster payback on solution acquisition costs.

To solve the conundrum inherent in today's business networks—to be secure yet be able to foster accessibility and mobility—hardware must be intelligent, sophisticated, adaptable and defensible without being overly complicated. Cisco's hardware has a proven track record of meeting that challenge.



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